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Family Guy Quiz

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1. Who is the creator of Family Guy?

a. Seth MacFarlane
b. Alex Borstein
c. Seth Green
[HINT] The creater of Family Guy has also created the TV Show The Orville. (a)

2. What year did Family Guy premiere?

a. 1989
b. 1999
c. 2001
d. 2004
[HINT] Family Guy premiered two years after the South Park premiere. (b)

3. How many seasons has Family Guy had?

a. 25
b. 16
c. 19
d. 21
[HINT] More seasons than American Dad. (c)

4. Family Guy has had 362 episodes. (True or False)

a. True
b. False
[HINT] Family Guy has had more episodes than CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. (a)

5. Select the voice actors who have voiced Meg Griffin, a character in the show. (Multiple Choice)

a. Lacey Chabert
b. Mila Kunis
c. Cree Summer
d. Tara Strong
[HINT] Meg Griffin has had more than 2 voice actors. (a, b, d)